Pollution and Climate Change

Pollution is the demeanor of waste material within the atmosphere and is usually the result of human actions. Pollution includes a prejudicial impact on the atmosphere. Animals, fishes and alternative aquatic life, plants and humans all suffer once pollution isn't controlled. The major threat to the health of our planet is Climate change. Air pollution is nearly linked but they are usually treated as distinct problems. The rise in levels of Carbon dioxide (CO2) and other air-polluting gases intensify the greenhouse effect, which in turn raises temperatures and affects global weather patterns. Worldwide environmental change itself could have an on the spot sway on air quality. Marine contamination happens once hurtful or most likely unsafe, impacts result from the section into the expanse of synthetics, particles, mechanical, farming, and private waste, clamor, or the unfurling of obtrusive life forms. Most sources of marine pollution square measure land-based mostly. The marine atmosphere is adversely stricken by marine pollution. The discharge of greenhouse gases causes the ocean to become hotter and causes the marine climate to become unfriendly leading to harm to the marine system and marine life. 

  • Marine Pollution
  • Air Pollution
  • Global Warming
  • Prevention from Green House Effect

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